The Context Machine
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[DIR]dm4-ldap/2020-09-09 09:52 -  
[DIR]dm4-thymeleaf/2019-06-20 13:36 -  
[DIR]dmx-biblio/2021-01-16 09:29 - dmx-biblio - A DMX plugin that brings data types for a book collection, library or literature management. Status: Just started.
[DIR]dmx-cooking/2021-01-16 09:30 - dmx-cooking - Data model and autotyping for the cooking show case.
[DIR]dmx-csv/2020-06-26 09:12 -  
[DIR]dmx-dita/2020-08-17 15:07 - dmx-dita - A publishing engine for content authored in the Darwin Information Typing Architecture
[DIR]dmx-geomaps/2021-01-05 14:58 - dmx-geomaps - OpenStreetMap based geo maps for the DMX platform
[DIR]dmx-images/2020-06-26 09:13 -  
[DIR]dmx-import-export/2021-01-03 22:06 - dmx-import-export - Support for Topicmaps SVG export, Save & Restore Topicmaps and for Import of Firefox, Chrome and Zotero bookmarks.
[DIR]dmx-ldap/2021-01-02 14:21 - dmx-ldap - LDAP authorization for DMX
[DIR]dmx-littlehelpers/2021-01-04 00:15 - dmx-littlehelpers - Severe side utilities for dmx application developers.
[DIR]dmx-mobile/2021-01-08 17:14 - dmx-mobile - A simple mobile webclient for the DMX platform
[DIR]dmx-notifications/2021-01-04 01:25 - dmx-notifications - Subscribe to events in workspaces and changes in topicmaps or single topics. All notifications are persisted across sessions and screens. Users can choose between "In-App" and "Email" notifications.
[DIR]dmx-sendmail/2021-01-03 21:56 - dmx-sendmail - A service to send mails using either SMTP or the HTTP Web API v3 of
[DIR]dmx-sign-up/2021-01-15 09:55 - dmx-sign-up - A plugin implementing a customizable self-registration and password-reset workflow for managing DMX user accounts.
[DIR]dmx-tableview-command/2019-12-18 09:44 - dmx-tableview-command - A plugin for providing an "Open Tableview" topic command.
[DIR]dmx-tableview/2021-01-02 14:21 - dmx-tableview - A standalone table view for DMX based on VueJS and Element UI.
[DIR]dmx-thymeleaf/2021-01-03 20:30 - dmx-thymeleaf - A DMX plugin to enable server-side HTML generation based on the Thymeleaf template engine
[DIR]dmx-upload-dialog/2020-06-26 09:13 -